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Diabetes now afflicts those in their 20s

Pregnant women can get insulin pump on rent

With few takers among pregnant women for the high-cost insulin pump, a medical device manufacturing company has come to offer the device on rent.

An insulin pump costs Rs 2 lakh, discouraging women who need it only for the pregnancy period. The new business model that manufacturers Medtronic have thought up now makes it a more viable option. 
 and dr Praveen ramachandra  believes it is win situation for the diabetic pregnant ladies.

“Gestational diabetes, a condition that occurs in pregnant women, usually subsides after delivery.

Thus, no one is ready to make the big investment for few months,” said Dr Praveen ramachandra, endocrinologist and diabetologist in bangalore. He added that normal insulin shots, taken four times a day, cause fluctuations in blood sugar level, harming the foetus.

“The device costs Rs 2,500 per month on rent.,” said Dr Praveen ramachndra.

as per Dr.Praveen Ramachandra , an insulin pump kit contains a pager-sized device which is a Reservoir ensuring insulin delivery round-the-clock, an infusion set and a cannula which enters the skin 6 mm deep.

Dr.Praveen Ramachandra is leading endocrinologist .....

in implementing insulin pump therapy in GDM (gestational diabetes mellitus)  and non pregnant diabetics including type 1 DM patients, in Bangalore. he has the highest experience in treating GDM patients with insulin pump.

increasing incidence of diabetes in pregnant ladies..

here is a rapid increase in incidence of diabetes during pregnancy. diabetes management is more tricky during pregnancy as per dr.praveen ramachandra. because  very tight control is required compared to non pregnant diabetic individuals..that means more risk of dangerous hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level). best way is use of insulin delivery through insulin pump....and second best is basal bolus regimen with newer analogue injections.