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Facilities and Infra structure- Dia plus, Bangalore

              1. Specialist consultation

Applying most modern concepts in treatment, Dia Plus endocrinologist will take a complete look at your individual condition. At Dia Plus, you have easier access to advice and receive better attention. Assessing all the factors, your doctor at Dia Plus we will first work out a personalized plan that involves simple lifestyle additions to the way you lead your life.

At Dia Plus, we have specialized equipment and qualified personnel for the effective management of diabetes and other hormonal disorders. We offer individuals a solution that is tailor-made to their requirements. We help in the early detection, its management and help to keep your problem in check. We also provide education on, self-administration of insulin, blood glucose monitoring, prevention of complications, and diet etc.

     2. Electro Cardio Graphy Unit

This unit has an automatic ECG machine. The ECG technician explains to the patients about the procedure and ensures that the recording of ECG is carried out without any discomfort to the patient.

   3. BMI Machine

BMI, or body mass index, is often used as a measure of your fitness. It is a   measure of the percentage of fat in your body. High BMI can indicate being overweight or even being obese. Knowing your BMI is important in assessing your fitness.

    4. Biosthesiometry

Biosthesiometer is a device which measures the threshold of perception of vibration sense, which is of use when assessing peripheral neuropathies, as seen in diabetics. It is a device helps to assess the extent of peripheral sensory neuropathy and identification of individual patients that are at the risk of foot ulcerations. It is a simple device to quantify neuropathy.

  5. Doppler test

Doppler is a first choice instrumental exam for the diagnosis and staging of peripheral arterial occlusive disease in diabetic patients. It is a noninvasive, reproducible and cost effective procedure.



    6. Harris mat

This kit graphically illustrates high-pressure points and weight imbalance as darkened areas, which may become points of ulceration for the diabetic patient.

   7. Monofilament test

Monofilament testing is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and portable test for assessing the loss of protective sensation, and it is recommended by several practice guidelines to detect peripheral neuropathy in otherwise normal feet.

8. Digital Fundus Camera

At DiaPlus, we have Digital Fundus Camera which helps in Retinopathy Screening.


    9. Laboratory services

At Dia plus we have the machines to monitor blood glucose levels, lipid profile, and glycosulated hemoglobin levels (including point of care HbA1C machine). For other investigations we are sending the blood sample to a good laboratory and the accurate results will help us in the diagnosis and treatment of a problem.

   10. Special Footwear for people with Diabetes

Diabetes can affect your feet and cause loss of sensation on the feet. Due to this, people with Diabetes may underestimate and ignore their foot problems. Hence, they are vulnerable to injury on the feet. New types of footwear are now being supplied at Dia plus for Diabetic patients with foot problems. This department provides special footwear, which is made-up of new types of insole materials for patients with high risk foot. This footwear will be beneficial to all the Diabetics, who require special footwear to prevent high pressures under the feet.

11. Electronic Data Processing

All the procedures after a patient is registered are operated through a structured computer network system. The includes appointment, registration, medical records, requisition for lab tests, billing, laboratory results, administrative and financial accounting etc. The computer also analyses and stores information such as case summary, lab results summary and does clinical audit. Research data is also stored  and retrieved for statistical analysis and research purpose.

     12. Pharmacy

Reliable quality medicines are available to PATIENTS on doctor prescription. Inside prescriptions are given 11% discount on all medications.